From ages the hands make cheese,


machines have not LOVE enough!


Finally Tauranga has an artisan italian cheesemaker. From us you find the classic, well known, famous Italian cheese as well as some new local adventure as ricotta baked, robiola, crescenza.

We use organic milk, ancient Italian procedures, our hands and passion to deliver to you a good range of wonderful tasting cheese.

We don’t use any additive to control our cheese life, they born, age and eventually die in a natural way, as it was for thousands of years to give the best of taste and health that belongs to this ancient food.

Any of our cheese offers to you a different kind of milky feelings with a rainbow  running from the freshness of primosale to the gorgeous round taste of Creamy Paradise.

But we don’t stay just on ancient procedures and classical cheese, we love them so much that we are constantly researching new combinations  as ageing in wine, crumbing with herbs and spices, adding fresh herbs or mixing goat and cow milk.

That's because our cheese is alive as we are, that's because our cheese got Italian passion as we got!

In the world of our fresh cheese fresh doesn’t mean just milky. Any of our fresh cheese give to you different kind of feelings from the moment you have the first taste up to the last aftertaste.

Come to discover the world of our fresh cheese.

Where milk, time and experience combined together come at the best. They can be creamy, full milk tasting, a bit bitter in the aftertaste,  goaty or dry and spiced but any of them is a great cheese.


Just fresh ORGANIC milk, hands and Italian Passion!