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Our trade unit is 100 grams so if you order 2 unit of any item you are ordering 200 grams of that cheese and so on.

Please read bottom page and Terms and Condition before you order. 

  • Milky Robiola
    Creamy, yogurt tasting in the first moment adds a bit of bitter in the end to clean your taste and preparing you for the next sensations.
    Best use as spread on bread, filler for wraps, mate of a gorgeous green salad or just alone with a bit of salt, pepper and olive oil.
    NZ$ 4.00 100 grms
  • Soft Smoked Scamorza
    A cute shape for one of the one most versatile cheese, close to mozzarella but can last for longer becoming more tasteful and dry. We gently smoke our scamorza to give you a long lasting mild rosemary taste.
    Nice on grill, pizzas, quiche, salads and thousands of other recepies.
    NZ$ 5.00 100 grms
  • Crescenza
    A runny creamy cheese from the North of Italy, mild and gently salted.
    Great on bruschetta with black olives and smoked salmon or baked on plain pizza base just with rock salt and fresh herbs or try Crescenza in a cheese and strawberry risotto!
    NZ$ 6.00 100 grms
  • Mozzarella
    Nothing to add on this really well known cheese but you can be astonished about how much a handmade fresh mozzarella can be different from the ‘usual’ one.
    Best use: with tomatoes and basil, on pizza top, added at the end in a pasta sauce or whatever you like but be sure not to forget a bit of salt and olive oil on top.
    NZ$ 5.00 100 grms
  • Mozzarella - Little Knots
    An unusual and playful way to present mozzarella at your party.
    NZ$ 5.00 100 grms
  • Burrata
    The mozzarella queen: inside a cover of mozzarella you discover a creamy heart of little mozzarella strings melted in cream and ricotta.
    Best use: as it is, salt, olive oil, basil and just a touch of pepper if you like.
    NZ$ 6.50 100 grms
  • Baked Ricotta
    Our whey made ricotta is dried, crumbed in herbs and spices and baked at low temperature for long time. The result is a small block of semi hard ricotta covered and flavoured by the toasted herbs. It can last for long time just getting drier and better.
    Best use: sprinkle a bit of Baked Ricotta on top of your pasta and plain fresh tomato sauce adding some fresh basil for a real easy and Italian classic.
    Usually around 130 grams each.
    NZ$ 4.00 each
  • Fresh Ricotta
    We just make Ricotta using the whey that we produce making other cheese and some milk to help the process so we can offer you the true Italian traditional ricotta.
    It can be used for preparing desserts as well as cannelloni, quiche, dips and so on.
    As for the ways to use our Ricotta sky is the limit!
    NZ$ 3.00 100 grms
  • Primo Sale
    The less processed cheese in the world: from milk to cheese, immediate cooling down and ready to eat in a couple of hours. We also play on this cheese and you can find by us the plain one as well as the chilly, basil or fresh rocket ones.
    NZ$ 6.00 100 grms

While portioning our cheese for you, we’ll do our best to come to the exact amount you ordered but because we just use our hands to make cheese we can’t guarantee we can supply to you exactly the amount you request. Some kind of cheese as Mozzarella can only be sold as whole ball while other as Scamorza come at the best if sold as whole but can be portioned as well.

Please remember that we are a small artisan producer so your order will also be subject to availability.

When your order is checked and sized we’ll send to you a proposal on what we can supply and it will be your choice to accept the order and make payment. Before you order, please visit  and read our Terms and Conditions page.